National Park Photography Expeditions Workshops

National Park Photography Expeditions Workshops

What if you could spend 5 days with a National Park Service Artist-in-Residence and a creative, Adobe Certified teacher mastering the Art of Landscape Photography? What if you could join a small class of like-minded photographers and explore the remote areas of one our national parks with 4x4 vehicles and guided backcountry hikes that place you in front of unique photographic opportunities?

What if you could develop a new visual voice— your own— and create work that is a Vision beyond Documentation?

Well, now you can!

Welcome to National Park Photography Expeditions (NPPE), home of the Landscape Master Class and First Horizons Workshops, where we explore inspirational locations and photographic training designed to advance your visual skills and creative voice.

Founded by noted National Park Service Artist-in-Residence, Bob Killen, NPPE workshops take place in 10 western National Parks (and growing) as well as within select national monuments. We are a fully insured, National Park Service commercial use authorized (CUA) guided photography provider and the only program in the US that teaches end-to-end post-production workflow.

This summer/fall, choose a Master Class workshop in one of these exceptional national parks as we guide our students to carefully researched locations brimming with solitude, wanderlust, and opportunities to create landscape art photography that is a Vision Beyond Documentation.

Sequoia National Park | August 14-19, 2018, September 6-9, 2018

National Park Photography Expeditions Workshops

Sequoia National Park is a dramatic landscape of giant Sequoia Trees, rugged foothills, deep canyons, and thundering waterfalls that spill off glacial rock. For the landscape photographer this a land of Majestic Scenes that provide a plein air classroom for a visual study of light and shadow among the big trees.

In this Landscape Master Class, you will learn specialized exposure concepts that will create photographic art from the lay of giant fuzzy shadows among the halos of twinkling sunlight. Short hikes position our students to explore rushing streams and waterfalls and learn to compose them in splashing detail as well as using smooth motion to reduce them to visual whispers. We will spend time juxtaposing plane and ground across a John Muir meadow, and learn how to capture the night sky with snow-capped mountains as reflective elements.

The Sequoia Master Class thematic focuses on light and shadow in a vertical environment and is inclusive of field capture and post-processing training. Photographers learn valuable insights about creative landscape photography, landscape thematics, environmental considerations, and create landscape works that say and do more than what the camera captured.

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National Park Photography Expeditions Workshops

Kings Canyon National Park | October 16-21, 2018

According to famed naturalist John Muir, Kings Canyon National Park is Yosemite’s Rival. This is a land of plunging valleys, skyscraping Sequoias, and unique rock formations that will challenge your photographic compositional skills. You will spend your shooting time in this vast, and beautiful area of the central Sierra Nevada mountains, exploring several deep glaciated canyons, meadows, and waterfalls, against a background of 20 peaks that exceed 13,000 feet. And the canyon is one of the deepest in North America— 8300 feet down!

The Kings Canyon Master Class thematic focuses on spatial relationships, reflected light, atmospherics and is inclusive of field capture and post-processing training. Photographers learn valuable insights about landscape photography, thematics, environmental considerations, and create landscape art.

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Olympic National Park | September 8-23, 2018

National Park Photography Expeditions Workshops

Olympic National Park sports an unmatched level of environmental diversity, beauty, and wilderness, which provides an extraordinary range of photographic exploration.

This is a temperate rainforest national park, one that receives 14 feet of rain each year, and the wet forests are home to elk who pasture along salmon-filled rivers. There are 73 miles of rugged and wild wilderness coasts with ancient sea stacks standing guard along the pristine coast while mountains loom in the distance.

In this Landscape Master Class Photography Workshop, you will learn specialized techniques for capturing pristine coastlines with sea stacks, pebble beaches, and tide pools, then work the deep shade and dark greens of old-growth rainforests, waterfalls, and glacier lakes. We will spend time developing shadow plays across the alpine meadows, encounter snow on the back-country roads and trails and employ stack focus techniques to frame the mountainous backdrops as tack sharp. In Olympic National Park, the light and weather patterns shift quickly, and our visual studies will emphasize atmospherics, combining light patterns, and how to manage for a broad dynamic range.

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Join us for a Master Class or First Horizons workshop at these National Parks and National Monuments:

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