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If you’re truly interested in landscape art photography, if you want to capture and create images that are at the next level, want to learn postproduction skills that render personal, interpretive work, then National Park Photography Expeditions (NPPE) is the workshop for you. Here you will learn the What, Why, and the all-important How of advancing a personal vision, extending your emotional range through composition, and how to use postproduction tools to bring your vision to life in a personal way.

The fact that most workshop photographers have these creative goals indicates that these skills are not easy to develop, nor do they lend themselves to instant gratification. Thus, you need to choose a workshop with instructor(s) that are not only exceptionally proficient, innovative, and hands-on, but are invested in helping you create, learn, and grow.  

That’s us.

We are landscape art photography teacher(s), and our role is to nurture your creative itch— that deep internal whisper that says I have something to say that is beyond taking a pretty picture. It’s that feeling that drives you to express yourself  in ways that are meaningful, significant, and to create landscape images that are a ‘Vision beyond Documentation.’ 

Exceptional National Park and Monument Locations

Our roads are less traveled, or perhaps we should say barely traveled, as we guide our students to carefully researched locations with 4×4 vehicles or guided backcountry hikes, where they will experience solitude, wanderlust, and opportunities to explore lands where you encounter the slow work of Canyonlands’ pinnacle stones and merciless rivers or snags in the earth’s crust at Capitol Reef. Maybe you will choose the light and shadows of the mighty Sequoias or capture the bubbling sulfur cauldrons in Lassen Volcanic National Park, or the jagged, ocean sea stacks on the Olympic seashore. In the Grand Tetons, Glacier, and Mt. Rainier National Parks your curriculum places you within the shadows and power of awe-inspiring mountains and the soft spills of glacial streams. And let’s not forget the amazing Mojave National Preserve and Grand Staircase National Monument Deserts, lands of color, Hoodoos, and slot canyons.  

The Workshops

Our workshops are small, no more than eight students, two hands-on instructors, and follow a location and learning curriculum that does not promote a single philosophy or aesthetic; rather, we want to help you crystallize a point of view, an original perspective, and to create landscape work with a subjective interpretation.  

The 5-Day Master Class includes appropriate technical instruction, with a focus on self-expression, original compositions, and a workflow driven by personal visualization. Students perform daily field assignments and receive 3-4 postproduction classes to develop an end to end workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop. Upon returning home, training continues with 5 hours of online instructor tutoring with their Master Class images.  

The 3-Day First Horizon Workshop is perfect for the photographer new to the landscape art genre. Students learn technical as well as creative composition approaches, how to extend the emotional range of their images with Adobe Lightroom, and explore new ways to express what they feel as opposed to what they see.

Workshop Photographer Success

Ninety-One percent of our students have attended more than one workshop to continue their creative growth. Many have joined the mentor program and others are enjoying exhibition success from their creative approaches. But the most important reason for joining an NPPE workshop is because of the passionate, fun learning experience while building lasting friendships with fellow photographers.

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