National Parks Photography Expeditions Grand Teton Master Class

NPPE Grand Teton Master Class
The Distance Between Us, Teton National Park, Art Photography By: Gary Goulin

If you are truly interested in creating landscape art photography in a land that offers iconic opportunities to inspire your visual voice, then Grand Teton Master Class is the right place for you—with a photography and post-production workshop dedicated to helping you grow your visual voice. 

The Location

The National Park Service uses the term “Mountains of Imagination” to describe The Grand Teton National Park. Indeed, few landscapes in the world are as full of thrust, striking the sky with chiseled pinnacles and perhaps as visually overwhelming as this national park. Unencumbered by foothills, the Teton Range rises with an imperial grace, nearly 7,000 feet above the valley floor, marking this land as one of the boldest geologic statements in the Rockies, as well as an endless opportunity to pursue advanced photographic composition.

The Golden Season

This is a fall Grand Teton Master Class, and the Aspens will be gold with shimmering touches of red. The sunlight throws God- Like fingers of sunlight through the trees. Soft rays often break through blue-gray clouds and shine like a light in an endless corridor of orange atmospherics, falling in a broad mosaic of rich shadows and flinty highlights across valleys, crystal blue lakes, whitewater rivers, and big skies that shelter diverse wildflowers and wildlife. Old homesteads and cattle ranches speak to a rich cultural history, and they are available to explore and photograph.

NPPE Grand Teton Master Class
Shadows Over at John Moulton’s Homestead, Teton National Park, Art Photography By: Robert Killen

The Grand Teton Master Class

During the five-day field residency, National Parks Photography Expeditions Master Class students explore back and front country Teton/ Bridger locations with ample postproduction time to create distinctive images while learning powerful workflow skills. With hands-on instruction, students learn to capture and create personal expressive work. Using visualization skills, Instructors teach students to embrace photography beyond the lens and to grow their visual voice.

The Grand Teton Master Class is unique and meets each student at their current skills and creative understanding. We build upon this knowledge, and the instructor renders a custom learning experience to help each student develop their criteria for advancement.  Once the field residency is complete students return home and continue with online training to complete an additional five project/images. This interpersonal tutoring focuses on individual student expression and technical skill needs. Each online session is recorded and sent to the students after class. Students can replay these project videos wherein they relive the entire audio/visual session or skip to areas that they want to review. 


National Park Photography Expeditions Students create more than the lens sees. Students work the camera and work the scene to capture images within a range of visualized outcomes that explore documentation, narration, and navigation interpretations while working with several landscape art views: grand scenic, intimates, and the detail. Students also interpret scenes with several styles:  representational, deadpan, impressionistic, and abstract.

NPPE Grand Teton Master Class
Teton Motion, Teton National Park, Art Photography By: Howard Lyon

Living in Jackson

Our base camp is the comfortable and close to the park Lexington Hotel. Rooms are warm, cozy, and with desk space to work on your images. Our postproduction learning center is a spacious conference room in the main lodge. We are only 20-30 minutes from most shooting assignments and a short walk from the many galleries and restaurants of downtown Jackson Hole.

The class generally spends their evening meals together, and these times with colleagues build friendships that continue long after class.

Get Out There and Join Us

If you believe that the Grand Teton National Park is more than a mountain and you are motivated to create work that transcends the documentary, then join the Grand Teton Master Class where you will find new inspiration from being present in the wild.

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