Patagonia Photo

Patagonia Photo

Sunset Cerro Fitzroy, Argentina. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

To us, Patagonia is far more than just a land of stunning landscapes and unique wildlife, it’s also a place we’ve called home for more than 25 years. Living here all these years has been a blessing and has allowed us to develop a special insight into the intricacies of this land and its inhabitants that we feel can’t be achieved any other way. We believe this enables us to provide our guests with a truly unique Patagonian experience that goes well beyond just going home with a stockpile of great images, but to also return with many special memories and an insider’s understanding of the places we visit and the people we meet along the way.

Patagonia Photo

Crested Caracara near Torres del Paine, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Through the years, we’ve also been able to explore the entire Patagonia region as a whole and to discover many of its hidden gems and secrets that few others know about. Our goal is to incorporate some of these special and unusual places into our tours, so that participants will return home with some truly unique images of Patagonia.


Autumn colors at Reserva Cerro Castillo, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Our home is in the central Patagonian town of Coyhaique, the capital of Chile’s remote Aysen region. Never heard of it? Well, that’s good, and just the way we’d like to keep it!

Patagonia Photo

Marble Caves of Lago General Carrera, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Aysen is a wild, vast and relatively unknown region about the size of Switzerland, and is the least populated part of Patagonia with just over 100,000 inhabitants.  And, as far as we know, we’re the only tour company that regularly runs photo safaris here.


Cerro Castillo – Aysen Region, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Some of the highlights for photography in Aysen include the Cerros San Valentine and San Lorenzo, Patagonia’s two highest summits; the Northern Patagonia Ice Field, one of the world’s largest ice fields found outside of Greenland and Antarctica; and the exotic Marble Caves of Lago General Carrera, to name just a few.

Patagonia Photo

A puma on the prowl in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Another special gem in Aysen is the newly inaugurated Patagonia National Park, among the world’s largest private conservation initiatives brought to reality by the groundbreaking work of the late Douglas Tompkins and his wife Kristine.


Cerro Fitzroy at sunrise, Argentina. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

These are all gorgeous locations we regularly incorporate into our tours. Nevertheless, we clearly understand that it’s the iconic and magical landscapes of Torres del Paine and Fitzroy further south that are the truly big draws for Patagonia that every outdoor photographer dreams to visit at least once in their lifetime. We love these places, too! However, our experience has taught us that there are certain peak times of the year that are the very best for photography in these areas, and that’s typically when we’ll choose to go.

Patagonia Photo

Black-necked Swans, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

We know the best time of year and day for getting perfect light on the famous “Cuernos” in Torres del Paine or the renowned Cerro Torre in Argentina, when to expect the best reflections or to find a brilliant rainbow beneath a certain waterfall, when to find the greatest profusion of wildflowers or the absolute peak for the autumn colors and when wildlife activity is at it’s best. Maybe you want to get some amazing night sky images? We know the best times and places for that, as well.

Patagonia Photo

Torres del Paine, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

We also know and work with many of Patagonia’s very best local guides who possess in depth knowledge of each of the areas we visit. Most who have lived in these areas for many decades.


The “Horns” – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

We also have a well-developed network of wonderful places to stay and people to stay with throughout Patagonia, ranging from historic estancias to remote luxury lodges and quaint B&Bs. We also strive to treat our guests to Patagonia’s finest regional cuisine.

Patagonia Photo

Kings Penguins – Tierra del Fuego. Photo: Rex Bryngelson

Patagonia isn’t the only amazing place in this corner of the planet we know well. We also regularly visit Easter Island, Chile’s Atacama Desert, Tierra del Fuego, Iguazu Falls and the Falkland Islands—all of which can easily be combined with a trip to Patagonia.

So, if you’re considering making that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Patagonia, we can help assure it will be everything you could hope for and much more than you could ever imagine. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail to discuss the possibilities: 011-56-9-82909371,  info (at)

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