Russ Burden Nature Photo Tours

Join Outdoor Photographer Tip Of The Week columnist, Russ Burden, on one of his nature photography tours to the Serengeti in Tanzania in April, June, and September. He will demo the techniques used to capture the weekly photos he posts on the OP website. Experience his contagious enthusiasm, motivation, knowledge, and passion he’s acquired over his 30 plus years of teaching and running nature photography tours and safaris. Russ is intimately familiar with every tour location. He’ll teach you how to read light, create optimum compositions and improve your technique. When you go on safari to Tanzania with Russ, he takes 6 photographers who each have his/her own row in one of two Land Cruisers so you each have a 360-degree shooting angle.

Russ has an incredible passion for photography. His drive to seek optimal light and consummate compositions motivates him to find the perfect image. When Russ stands before a scene, his goal is to find serenity amongst chaos and chisel away the unnecessary to make the photograph simple and to the point. For Russ, deciding what to exclude is equally as important as knowing what to include. Finding drama in the ordinary is key for him to create an image with impact.

Russ is a master of light. His business tagline is “It’s All About The Light.” He is often heard saying this again and again to his safari participants. His ability to read light and photograph subjects with the best illumination is unsurpassed. He will teach you his techniques so you come back with incredible photographs and increased knowledge. Russ takes pride in his unrelenting enthusiasm and it’s contagious. He will motivate you to capture every subject to the best of your ability. He is also of the belief that a good time should be had while on safari to the Serengeti. As a result, he places an emphasis on laughter and having fun.

Russ has been leading tours for decades to many iconic locations around the US in the spring, fall and winter. He now specializes in safaris to Tanzania every April, June, and September. If you want a life-changing experience, join him on one of these adventures. Words can’t do justice to what you’ll experience and take home with you.

Russ Burden Nature Photo Tours

Russ’s stock work is sold through Getty Images and often shows up in magazines and advertisements around the world. Russ is a multiple-time winner of the prestigious Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice Award. As a result, his images have appeared in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC numerous times. Many of the images he makes in Tanzania have been honored, have won 1st place in different categories, and as a result, hang in the Smithsonian and Iziko Museum in South Africa. He’s also featured in Nature’s Best top 100 photos of all time. From over 500,000 images the editors narrowed down their selection to 100.

Russ is internationally published. His images have appeared on calendars published by Inner Reflections, Kodak, Audubon, Sierra Club, and National Wildlife. Russ has two books to his credit – Amphoto’s Complete Guide to Photography and The Best of Nature by Amherst Media. He also authored all the curriculums for the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy which included How To classes for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Photographers. He also authored their Photoshop and Nik Software curriculums.

Russ is a former school teacher of 27 years and he brings this experience to his tours and safaris.

You’ll go home knowing a lot more about the art of photography:

  • Be assured that Russ limits his domestic tours to four participants.
  • Learn about composition, lighting, depth of field, etc.
  • You’ll be taught photography, not just brought to a location.
  • Feel free to ask photography-related questions and have them answered clearly and concisely.

Share the enthusiasm Russ brings to his tours:

  • Photography is a passion for Russ, not a job.
  • Learn to read the light as he does.
  • Experience the knowledge he has of every location.
  • Feed off the exuberance he brings to every session.
  • A tour with Russ is all about the photography.
  • A tour with Russ is all about the enjoyable experience and developing lifelong friendships.
  • Laughter and good times are mandatory.

Get in touch with Russ to participate in one of his many trips. If photography is your passion and you want to learn more about this wonderful art, you’ll be glad you decided to join the others who have experienced one of Russ’s outings in the past. His return rate of tour participants is off the charts – find out for yourself why this is so!

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