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Strabo Photo Tours

Keel-billed toucan feeding on palm fruit in Costa Rica.

There are a lot of options when it’s time to choose a photo tour. The options vary from a solo photographer running the tour, to photo leaders with office staff coordinating the trip, to companies who partner with photo leaders to offer workshops and tours. For the past 20 years, I’ve offered my photography trips through Strabo Tours.

Strabo Photo Tours

La Giralda tower on the cathedral in Seville, Spain, at twilight.

Strabo Tours is a Photo Tour Collection offering a variety of tours with many different leaders. The photo leader of each tour sets the tone and style. One leader might have a fun, outgoing personality that sets the mood and pace of a trip. Another leader might be more of a teacher and technical photographer. While another leader might be more contemplative with an emphasis on creativity and personal vision. Each leader brings their unique style to the tour.

Strabo Photo Tours

Thoor Ballylee Castle, once home to poet W. B. Yeats, in County Galway, Ireland.

This diversity in photo leader style allows tour participants to match their needs with a destination. One person might be new to photography and need a leader who can explain basic concepts. Another person might need to return to a favorite destination to shoot in a different style. While a couple might need the balance of sightseeing and photography.

Strabo Photo Tours

Hippopotamus in Tanazania

Diverse photo leaders lead to diverse locations. You might want northern lights or spring tulips, sunny Spain or snowy Japan, hummingbirds in Ecuador or hippos in Tanzania, Guinness in Ireland or wine in Italy. Strabo Tours has the diversity to offer photo tours to different locations throughout the year.

Strabo Photo Tours

White-necked jacobin feeding on bloom in Costa Rica.

Locations are one component of a photo tour, but there are hundreds of tiny details that go into a great photo tour.  Leadership at Strabo Tours has over 40 years of experience in the travel industry. Details like professional drivers in well-maintained vehicles, airport meet-and-greets, and pre-arranged meals mean people can relax, concentrate on their photography, and enjoy the destination.

Strabo Photo Tours

Lodges and hotels on Strabo Tours are selected to keep people close to the action in comfort and style.

Relaxing and creature comforts are important on a Strabo Tour. Hotels and lodges are selected to keep participants as close to the photo action as possible. 

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, my group didn’t leave our eco-lodge for three days because the photography was so good on the grounds. This was planned in advance to give the group a great experience but also to vary the pace of an otherwise hectic trip.

Strabo Photo Tours

Strabo Tour participants in Norway.

People on Strabo’s city tours often stay in hotels located in lovingly restored monasteries, palaces, riads, or palazzos in historic districts. “Now this is a Strabo hotel!” said one person on my trip recently. Artistically arranged bowls of fruit, hallway details, light fixtures, or table settings can yield stunning photos. A rooftop terrace is often the perfect place for twilight photography. 

Strabo Tours brings local expertise to each trip by partnering with local guides.

Strabo’s in-depth knowledge of destinations and local cultures bring people closer to the true essence of each location. Professional local guides who know the ins-and-outs of the destination are included on every photo tour. The local guide becomes our window into a destination. The local guide brings their expertise to each photo tour whether it’s knowledge of the local birds, music, culture, history, or cuisine.

Strabo Photo Tours

Aurora captured on a Strabo Photo Tour Collections trip to Lofoten Islands, Norway.

You get a team when registering for a Strabo Tour. The photo leader, knowledgeable local guide and behind-the-scenes travel experts form a team to offer a photo travel experience like no other.

Participants on a Strabo Photo Tour Collections trip relax after a satisfying day of photography.

Article by Kathy Adams Clark
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