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Travel Vision Journeys: A Passionate Pairing of Photographic Excellence and Destination Expertise

Travel Vision Journeys

Our Travel Vision mission is to offer high-quality, educational and dreamy photography workshops that celebrate the diversity of wildlife, native people and their landscape.

As a specialized “boutique” tour operator since 1988, we provide the highest quality, most authentic and pristine photography vacations in the world.

Travel Vision Journeys

Salta & Jujuy, Argentina. Vision & Vine: Winner of the 2015 National Geographic Tours of a Lifetime

Our expertly crafted and educational photography workshop vacations are educational (and delicious) immersions into the landscape, culture and natural history of the regions we visit. By combining legendary service and up-close and behind the scenes cultural and wildlife experiences, our Travel Vision Journeys philosophy continues to energize and transform each and every guest.

Travel Vision Journeys

NEW! Wildlife Photography Master Class in Ibera, Argentina. An exclusive wildlife photography master class in Ibera with an extension to the Iguazu waterfalls.

We do not offer travel photo workshops all over the globe, instead we offer travel photography workshops to the places we love and know intimately like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Italy. We embrace our specialty travel niche and family-style company culture. Our strengths and excellent reputation lie in our years of specialty travel expertise, superior and personalized customer service, and multi-talented staff and members of our tour leadership team.

Travel Vision Journeys

The Best of Patagonia: Argentina & Chile. A photo adventure in Argentina and Chile that delves deep into the wildlife and landscapes of Patagonia

Our entire Travel Vision Journeys team of detail driven itinerary experts and professional photographers are passionate about doing things the Travel Vision Journeys way---with a total dedication to transforming our guests through the travel photography workshop experience.

Travel Vision Journeys

Your host photographer Ossian Lindholm not only shares this dream, but he brings his own unique vision, passion for conservation and photography workshop teaching expertise to every Travel Vision Journey, resulting in educational learning explorations that immerse, inspire and connect travelers with the world's most beautiful places through the transformational magic of the photographic experience. A South American renaissance man, he's a naturalist, photographer, teacher, conservationist and documentary filmmaker from the Andes of Argentina.

He's dedicated to capturing, preserving, conserving and sharing the landscape, nature and culture of South America in its most pristine state. For four years he created, produced and was the host of a very popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesia Fotograficas. Through his art he aspires to teach that nature is sacred and our relationship to our earth is a symbiotic one. He has clarified his mission in one sentence: Para Conservar, primero hay que Conocer…. “To conserve, first you must know.”

Travel Vision Journeys

Galapagos Magic: A luxury small boat photo tour combining rare wildlife & stunning volcanic landscapes of the world’s most enchanting islands

The combination of our 25 years running an award-winning active travel company and Ossian’s 40 years of photography and teaching experience has resulted in a winning recipe for travel photography workshops that have been recognized by National Geographic Travel, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, The San Francisco Tribune, the Modern Traveler and many more.

Travel Vision Journeys

Brazil’s Pantanal In Search of the Elusive Jaguar and the creatures of The Pantanal, the world’s last great wilderness

Travel Vision Journeys are photo adventures for the curious traveler that immerse, inspire and connect photographers of all levels with the world’s most photogenic places. On these exclusive photo adventures led by our expert photographers, you’ll improve and expand your skills while you learn about the places and people that you see.

An important distinction of our photo journeys is a “focus” on mindful photography. On every photo tour you’ll increase your visual awareness and learn to intuitively use the eye of the camera to connect, compose and enhance your personal vision. In the spirit of mindful travel, you’ll focus on capturing the essence of moments and places. You’ll return home invigorated, inspired and ready to share your visual story with the world.

We guarantee that on our Travel Vision photography workshop adventures you’ll be invigorated as we experience special places and wildlife with new eyes.

Travel Vision Journeys

Panoramic Peru: A sensory exploration of the ancient cultures, award-winning cuisine and iconic landscapes of one of the world’s most beloved destinations 

Travel Vision Journey’s Menu of Special Ingredients
Experienced, talented, charismatic, award-winning, and knowledgeable teachers—our Travel Vision Master Photographer, Ossian Lindholm and our team of naturalists and expert teachers are our greatest asset. With unparalleled expertise (not only about photography) and an unquenchable sense of curiosity, they will not only show you the very best of their destinations, they will teach you about what you're seeing. Our guides are experts in the regions they lead our Travel Photography workshops, and they’re the number-one reason why our guests return to travel with us again and again.

Travel Vision Journeys

Masterful Photography Instruction

Expert photography instructor Ossian Lindholm has years of photographic teaching experience. On every tour he offers in-depth classes covering beginner and advanced instruction for all abilities and photographic interests. Throughout the tours you’ll receive plenty of hands-on teaching and feedback to help you become a better photographer and get the most out of your trip. There will be formal classes with in-depth instruction as well as collective reviews of our work. The goal is to give you the educational experience of a lifetime.

Travel Vision Journeys

Small Groups: Our group size is between 4-10 people, offering the perfect blend of one-on-one attention and synergistic learning and new friendships with like-minded travelers. We travel together in small vehicles, allowing us to take plenty of stops and short walks along our beautiful and carefully planned routes.

Don’t see the trip you are looking for? We have years of experience designing and operating award-winning tours and have expert contacts around the world. You provide the inspiration by telling us your dream photo tour and we create an itinerary custom-tailored to your specific interests, budget and needs. You dream it, we design it!

Travel Vision Journeys

Dedicated to Conservation: As travelers, we have a responsibility to make the places we visit better than we left them. On every Travel Vision Journey, our role is to teach, facilitate and practice positive conservation practices. In working with local conservation organizations on every tour, we guarantee that our travel dollars make a positive and lasting difference. In each destination, we have local partners whose work is helping support and give back to the places we visit through their eco-friendly practices and support of local conservation projects.


Travel Vision Journeys

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

We're pioneers in the world of travel and we bring our 27 years of experience to every Travel Vision Journey experience. When you travel with Travel Vision Journeys, all the logistics will be handled for you—from stays at the area’s best boutique hotels, delicious local specialties, top expert guides, wine tastings (in Argentina’s wine country) cultural immersions to guiding you through stunning landscapes at the best time of the day.

Charming Accommodations, wine tasting and delicious meals

Villas, Estancias, four-star eco-lodges—all of our boutique lodgings are included and carefully selected by our Travel Vision itinerary team, as much for local flavor and welcoming spirit as for their uniqueness, amenities and convenience to the area's most picturesque places. It’s all part of making sure you have a wonderful, relaxing stay—both before and after your head hits that plump, welcoming pillow!

Travel Vision Journeys

Unique, flawless, flowing itineraries

Here's where Travel Vision Journeys stands apart from the rest! We have 27 years of experience designing and operating award-winning tours. We know the travel and photographic needs of our guests and we study every detail of the tour to ensure that it maximizes and balances learning and relaxation.

Travel Vision Journeys

Every detail of each day is carefully crafted to reveal the photographic essence, the scenic beauty, variety and cultural richness of our destinations.

To bring you the best and most authentic experiences on every tour, we thoroughly research and scout each itinerary. We are constantly improving our trips based on our new discoveries as well as continuous feedback from our guests.

Travel Vision Journeys

Cultural and Wildlife Immersion

Cross-cultural immersion and close-up wildlife encounters area the heart of our Travel Vision Journey photo workshop experiences. Each is designed to reveal the essence of the landscape, history, wildlife and the local way of life of the places that we explore. We incorporate local experts and naturalists to teach you about the food, the wine, the traditions, the wildlife and the history of the areas that we visit. Perfect for the non-photographer partners!

Travel Vision Journeys

Superior Customer Service

Whether you are looking for advice on choosing the right trip, want to know more about all of the places we visit or just need help preparing for your tour, our Travel Vision Team is always delighted to be of assistance. We want you to love photography and our favorite places as much as we do, so whatever we can do to help, just give us a call! Travel Vision Journey founder and director Lauren Hefferon is available by email or phone to answer any questions or curiosities you have or just to talk about the joys of photography and travel. Don’t hesitate to call: 617-640-4837 or email Lauren: [email protected]

We welcome all levels of photographers (and their non-photographer partners)

On our photo tours you will meet like-minded travelers who share your craving to see more of the world around them. You’ll experience a colorful canyon, a dune at sunrise or a vineyard at sunset with many wondering eyes. Hiking and photographing with like-minded travelers is an inspiring experience in which you also learn about what you photograph. The benefit of a photography tour is that you are immersed in an experience and photography! No deadlines, no distractions, no hurry!

Develop your own vision

On a Travel Vision Journey photography tour, you have time to develop your own style and vision under the guidance of expert photographers. Once you have taken your technical skills to the next level, you’re free to expand creatively and see things in a different way. Through a total photographic immersion your creative antennae will be more acute and by the end of the tour, you will be seeing so much more!

Travel Vision Journeys

“Imagine signing up for a photography class in a part of the world you have never been, but always wanted to explore. I was expecting to learn how to master my camera and satisfy my curiosity about the flora and fauna and culture of Argentina. I knew that Travel Vision reputation for paying attention to every detail would define the trip, but I got something bigger that I did not expect: a whole new way to see and be in the natural world. I had no idea that a Vision and Vine Tour would touch me so deeply. I am forever grateful.”—Carolyn McQueen

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