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Colorful, and culturally intriguing, India is an ideal photographic destination. For nature photographers, India’s wildlife is as thrilling as it is captivating. The main attraction? Endangered Bengal tigers. Other marquee species include greater one-horned rhinos, Asian elephants, Asiatic lions, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs plus a wide range of other wildlife in varied and beautiful habitats.

If India has captured your curiosity, pack your gear and join a Wild India LLC photo expedition led by Butch Lama, whose skills and insights have been honed over 25 years working as a naturalist and photographic field guide in India.

One Horned Rhino

Getting great wildlife photos takes more than good luck. It takes pairing his skills with yours. See the article and photographs that appeared in Outdoor Photographer (June 2009): The Quest for Tigers by Susi Allison-Lama and Butch Lama.

What makes Wild India LLC different from other companies that arrange photo safaris in India? It is Butch Lama—the combination of intangibles, plus his 26 years of experience as a wildlife naturalist in the Indian subcontinent. This means Butch Lama is in tune with India’s wildlife, anticipating animal behavior. Without this instinct, seeing tigers and other wildlife is pure luck. With his insights, encountering the wildlife you have traveled so far to photograph, explains why he is broadly well-regarded.

Sloth Bear

The value of his experience would be incomplete without the goodwill garnered over many years with locals who make wildlife a central part of their lives. No less valuable is Butch Lama’s diverse experiences with countless visitors to India, each with their requirements and interests—most were travellers keen to observe and photograph India’s wildlife; others came with a professional purpose, such as photographers, documentarians, and artists (including National Geographic, BBC, and PBS’ The Living Edens). Regardless of vocation or avocation, Butch Lama assisted in a myriad of ways. None left India disappointed.

Wild India LLC

As passions go, photography is a close second to his dedication to wildlife. In addition to being a photographic field guide, Butch Lama is a resource for how to get the most out of photographing India’s wildlife, most especially tigers.

Jungle Cat

What else makes Wild India LLC different? It is Susi Allison-Lama, too. Her business background, and love of India and its wildlife, complement Butch Lama’s skills, seeing things that make a difference to their guests, that others may miss. Having traveled India for eighteen years, first as a tourist, then on business, and later with Butch Lama on scouting expeditions, Allison-Lama builds their tours based on first-hand experiences.

Wild India LLC

Together, they accompany each and every escorted tour. Butch Lama works his magic with the wildlife, while Allison-Lama handles just about everything else. What matters to both is that your experience in wild India meets or exceeds your expectations, and perhaps, you too will be compelled to return for more.

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