Fall Wildlife Assignment Winner Brendan Watt

Photo By Brendan Watt
Photo By Brendan Watt

Congratulations to Brendan Watt who won the Fall Wildlife Assignment!

"This photo was taken in the beautiful and rugged Bridger Mountain Range in Southwest Montana," says Watt. "I was doing a photo shoot at a friend of mine's place called Animals of Montana, where they raise and train animals for photography and video. Smokey the mountain lion was 11 weeks old at the time of the shoot. His adolescent, spotted coat and blue eyes made for perfect contrast with the fall foliage. The night before the shoot a wind storm came through and took away almost all of the fall color I was anticipating, except for a few low lying shrubs which, paired with this tiny mountain lion, made for an ideal shot.

Equipment & Settings: Nikon D7100, Nikkor 300mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/250 sec., exp.+0.7, Vanguard Tripod (Alta Pro 283CT)

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    A beautiful shot. Kudos to Brendan Watt for both the shot and the disclosure. But choosing an image of a captive animal as the winner of a “wildlife” assignment seems unfair and also defies the standards of the best known OP contributor of all time, Galen Rowell. Many years ago, he had an article in OP where he argued that his “perfect” image of a captive lynx or bobcat (I can’t remember which) was not as good as an “imperfect” shot of a the same species taken by his son in the wild. Galen’s shot was a perfect portrait of a perfect specimen, with a perfect background just like this one. His son’s shot depicted a specimen that was somewhat weathered from the stresses of survival surrounded by the messiness of its natural environment. Galen felt his son’s shot was superior because it was a better depiction of reality.

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