The Grandstand

Nearest Area
Death Valley National Park
Beatty, NV
Brief Directions

The Grandstand is located in a very remote section of Death Valley National Park. From the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, travel north on 190 and then turn right on Scotty's Castle Road. Drive approximately 38 miles to Ubehebe Crater, which is the entrance to the Racetrack Road. Drive 27 miles on this dusty, jaw-jarring road until you reach the Grandstand.


Navigate to youtube to view a special slideshow presentation that i created showcasing more of my images, and music. Use the search tag "wander in the wyld."


Anyone who has traveled to Death Valley with intent on seeing the Grandstand/Racetrack has probably heard the horror story (I believe there is only one regarding a mother and daughter) and received words of determent from the DV rangers based on the road conditions and remoteness. Needless to say, I had been to DV about four times before even attempting the washboard-riddled journey.......and honestly, it wasn't that bad; the journey was made from the Ubehebe Crater intersection to the Grandstand in under an hour (while maintaining a constant speed of 30-40mphs). Now, as i stated earlier that the road wasn't that bad. It wasn't that bad navigating the road in a jeep with beefy off-road tires. But, as always with ALL wilderness adventures, keep common sense, extreme care and personal responsibility at the fore-front of everything you do. Enjoyed the Grandstand and the intense solitude inherent in the remoteness of its location. The racetrack, in my opinion, is a bit overrated. Not to mislead, the mystery of moving rocks is fascinating and has proved quite the conundrum. But, I found the "moved rocks" to be the least interesting feature in the area.

Date Added
June 18, 2012
Date Taken
June 18, 2012