Oswego River Sunshine

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Penn State Park
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If you wish to paddle the river, head onto Oswego Lake Road, just off Route 563 south of Chatsworth. You will have to paddle across the river and carry your boat over the dam, but the rewards are incredible. If you are hoofing it, don't miss the beauty at Oswego Lake, but continue south on 563, and bear west onto Route 679 towards New Gretna. You will pass Harrisville Pond on the left and the ruins of the paper mill on the right behind fencing.


No matter what season, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is my favorite place to take photos. I haven't yet had the guts to take my Nikon D40x onto the kayak, but find myself out there very often scoping for wildlife when on foot.


The Oswego River, one of the many rivers that flow through the New Jersey Pine Barrens, is my favorite paddle. Not only for it's pristine beauty, but also for the variation of landscapes that one passes through. After a short paddle across Oswego Lake, and portage over the dam, the paddler follows the cedar colored waters through pine, deciduous and cedar forests, marshes and Martha Pond before arriving at Harrisville Pond. Expect to see deer, turtles, snakes, hawks, eagles, herons and more. In the late 1700's, this area of southern New Jersey was strewn with prosperous iron producing towns, including Martha and Harrisville. John Potts founded Martha in 1793, after realizing the important role that New Jersey bog-iron furnaces played in America's revolution for independence. In it's heyday, nearly 400 people lived in this furnace town. Now, all the remains of Martha is the pond that was created for the furnace operations. The pond is shallow and full of swamp grasses. Harrisville Pond, much larger than Martha Pond, was created for the furnaces at Harrisville. Harrisville's claim to fame was it's paper mill, which was the center of this once prosperous town. Now, all one can see is the remains of the crumbling walls of the building that was the first in New Jersey to have electric lighting. The area has something to offer every photographer, from wildlife and local flora, to pristine rivers and ghostly ruins.

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July 3, 2012
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July 3, 2012

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