Ngamba Island Sunset

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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is a small 105 acre island located just south of the Equator on Lake Victoria in East Africa and is home to a chimpanzee sanctuary that houses 48 orphaned Chimpanzees. Visiting this island was absolutely amazing and if you have a chance to visit there I highly suggest it. We chose to participate in the forest walk with the Chimps, which meant that we also had the opportunity to sleep on the Island in their tented camp. Seen here is the amazing view just after sunset from the deck of our tent, which was called Mika. The tents were very spacious and really comfortable with twin beds and a large balcony overlooking the lake. They have bucket showers with hot water to order, which was prepared by the absolutely amazing staff that works on the Island. The meals were excellent and consisted of soups, chicken, fresh tilapia, and even scrambled eggs for breakfast. The electric fence seen on the left help keep the Chimps separated from the camp. Chimpanzees are really intelligent and have been known to break through this fence on occasion. When they do, they usually head straight for the kitchen to help themselves to select foods and have even been caught sipping on bottles of Nile beer, which is an delicious African lager. Ngamba Island is a photographers paradise and while the chimps are the main attraction, the island is also filled with all sorts of wildlife from exotic birds, to monitor lizards, African fish eagles, otters, and fruit bats.

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September 9, 2012
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September 9, 2012