Springing To Life

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 40D
Nearest Area
Oyster Bay on the North Shore of Long Island
Oyster Bay or Mill Neck
Brief Directions

Access for the Frost Mill Rd., in the town of Mill Neck, on the North Shore of Long Island in the Nassau county, NY.


Visiting Shy Swamp is best in the spring (late April and early May) when one is surrounded by fresh green from all directions, or late October when the tree colors are peaking. The unfurling ferns make great photography subjects in the Spring as well as their rusting colors in the Fall. Make sure to pick a cloudy day for your photography visit. Harsh light from above on a sunny day create strong shadows on the ground and diminish the range of tones you may be able to capture otherwise. If you decide to shoot in the shade or later in the day, bring a steady tripod (the ground may be soggy especially after rain) and a fast lens (f2.8 or wider) with a polarizer filter. I usually set my tripod and turn on my camera’s live view feature. I shoot at f8 or f16 in the fall to capture good depth of field across the entire fall scene, or open up the lens to f5.6 or f4 to capture plant details in the Spring and Fall. Since wind is not much of a problem, and thus camera shake is not much of an issue once the camera is seated securely on the tripod, choosing long exposure times makes capturing details in shaded areas possible without having to exposure bracket for HDR . I carry a wide-angle lens (10-22mm) a 70-200mm zoom, and a 50mm lens with macro capability. I also carry with me a flash in case I shoot late in the day when the light is very dim. Make sure the flash light doesn’t bounce around too much and doesn’t reflect off leaves or reflective surfaces. Weather can be mild in May or October so a light jacket will be sufficient to keep you warm. Good water-proof footwear is also recommended. There are numerous areas that retain a good amount of water and if you want to venture off the beaten path for more unique photo ops, staying dry can be a challenge without the proper footwear.


Shu Swamp is a 60-acre area, a wooded wetland on the north shore of Long Island in Nassau County, NY. It offers 2.5 miles of trails, with boardwalks across muddier areas. It is preserved and managed by the North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary. The wetland is fed by the Beaver Brook system which originates from the east hillside along Wolver Hollow Road and the upland woods east of Piping Rock Club. The heavy clay soils in Mill Neck valley and a high groundwater table have brought about these extensive wetlands.

Date Added
April 29, 2010
Date Taken
April 29, 2010