White Pocket

Nearest Area
Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area / Coyote Butte South
Big Water, UT
Brief Directions

House Rock Valley Road is not the obstacle which has prevented many from making the journey to White Pocket. No. Although, HRVR can be impassable to even high-clearance 4WD vehicles in wet conditions. I normally lodge in Page, Az and prefer taking the 89A route to HRVR, as it is more scenic than taking 89 and it minimizes the amount of driving time on HRVR. HRVR from 89A is all gravel up to BLM 1017. For more detailed information on White Pocket, go to thewaveinfo.com.


I put together a slideshow of images taken at White Pocket, The Wave and Paw Hole and upload to youtube. Use the search tag, "white pocket and the wave," or "wyldwanderer." Enjoy.


Absolutely amazing.... White Pocket is a phenomenal experience, and one that should not be missed. Nevertheless, it is very important to follow the route directions accurately, otherwise you will find yourself in some serious deep sand drama - more drama and deeper sand than what you will experience on the correct BLM road. I chose winter as the best season to experience WP, mainly because of cooler temperatures - as well as absence of nuisance flies, bees and no-see-ums that one must contend with in the warmer months. The deep sand road that one must traverse should not deter you from visiting this remarkable area; just make sure you are equipped with a suitable vehicle, have the necessary tools in the event that you find yourself stuck and, most of all, be sure to inform others of your intentions. A permit is not necessary for this area, as of October 2012. But, considering it is getting a lot more traffic, I assume this will not be the case too much longer.

Date Added
October 29, 2012
Date Taken
October 29, 2012

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