The Wave

Nearest Area
Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area / Coyote Butte North
Big Water, UT
Brief Directions

The Wave is easy to get to....well, the trailhead is easy to get to and does not require a 4WD high-clearance vehicle (weather conditions to be taken into consideration). I normally take 89A, when going to White Pocket, as the BLM road off House Rock Valley Road is closer to 89A. For The Wave, I would elect to access HRVR from 89. Unlike White Pocket, there are no deep sand roads to navigate. But, there is a hike that requires good route finding/locating skills that leads to a nice sand slope at the very end of the hike that one must climb in order to access the entrance to The Wave (but, it's really not that difficult). Nevertheless, go to for a lot more detailed information on The Wave.


I put together a slideshow of images taken at White Pocket, The Wave and Paw Hole and upload to youtube. Use the search tag, "white pocket and the wave," or "wyldwanderer." Enjoy.


I call Coyote Butte North my garden of eden. I coin it such because it absolutely perfect. I have traveled to many states, countries, but few places create such a still point - inspire such awe. Nevertheless, a question which surfaces every time i thumb through a photography magazine: does accurately capturing the image of a fantastically beautiful and fascinating landscape/subject automatically constitute a good photographic image? One to think about Outdoor Photographer, eh?

Date Added
October 29, 2012
Date Taken
October 29, 2012

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