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Arches National Park

After a couple of hours drive from Torrey, I finally got to Moab and had my first glimpse of Arches National Park. It was my first time to be there and I’m brimming with excitement. This trip has been the culmination of many months of preparation. I know there are lots of amazing things to see at Arches but I’m aware that I cannot squeeze them all in the little time that I have so I fixed my sight on shooting the Delicate Arch, the rest would be a bonus. The weather looks good and there’s an abundance of low-lying clouds which I thought makes for a very promising sunset. I visited the parking lot in the trailhead and it’s full! I decided to wait and fortunately after half an hour or so I finally got my parking spot. Concerned about not having enough parking space, I decided to wait it out until 2 hours before sunset and set out for the hike up. Midway into the hike, I bumped into a lot of people looking at the sky as they went their way down to the parking lot. By this time, the sea of blue sky that I saw earlier was replaced by a dark cumulonimbus cloud. Talk about raining in your parade, I quietly thought but I continued on and finally got to the site. I stood in awe as I took my first glance at the iconic arch. Its beauty amazed me as I quickly realized its immensity and grandeur. As soon as I set up my shot, it started pouring. I scrambled to cover my camera and bag as the other photographers beside me did the same. I also noticed that there were just a handful of us left in the area who were still harboring the thought that a good sunset will magically appear out of the pouring rain before us. Moments passed and the rain finally stopped. A faint rainbow came into sight as the sky started to clear up. It was an encouraging sign then a short time later a thick band of capricious burnt-orange clouds crawled from the horizon and all I can hear was the shutter sounds of multiple cameras clicking away to capture the moment in still. It was a short lasting show that nature bestowed upon us but I am more than humbled and blessed to be there and witness that one magical sunset at Delicate Arch.

Date Added
November 15, 2012
Date Taken
November 15, 2012

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