Swift Current Sunset

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Nearest Area
Glacier National Park
St. Mary, MT

I spent one week last summer in Glacier National Park staying in all but one of the Parks Lodges. This was a new experience for me. Seeing how I normally have a pack and and a tent strapped to my back the luxury of a bed and shower made things much easier. On the other hand, having to get back to a room at a reasonable hour to have dinner with my family limited the locations I could shoot. This was taken near the Many Glacier Hotel. The Hotel is a wonderful historic site situated directly on the shores of Swift Current Lake inside the park. This section of Glacier Park offers some of the best hiking in all the park. The upper passes were still closed due to snow conditions, however every day hike that I know of (besides the loop trail via the high-line trail and Grinell Glacier) were open. This shot was taken at sunset when a late afternoon storm rolled in off of the duck lake area to the east. The clouds had been teasing me the whole trip. Thunder heads would creep into the valley during the late afternoon only to be swept away by a sudden change in the winds. This day things were different and the storm hit full force about an hour before sunset. The lighting was incredible during the entire storm. As one lady I met said "it looked like a moonscape, something from a movie, the light was so orange and intense, surreal."

Date Added
February 25, 2013
Date Taken
February 25, 2013

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