Partial Solar Eclipse – Tawas Point State Park

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS REBEL T1i
Nearest Area
Tawas Point State Park
East Tawas
Brief Directions

On US 23 in East Tawas, proceed east until you hit Robert Elliot Blvd, go right. Follow all the way to Tawas Point State Park, staying on the main road. It'll curve around until you come upon the park entrance. THEN, proceed through the gate until you get to the lighthouse parking lot. Take the trail along the ridge on the inner bay side, or the beach itself, all the way to the end.


I had heard of the partial solar eclipse only the day before and barely got out of the house in time to drive 20 miles to catch some great shots of this cosmic sight, on 5-20-12. I'm not so sure of the camera setting, since I was in a hurry just to get set up a location. According to the details tab, this is what the settings were, though I thought I remembered them differently. But I was actually running through mucky sand to get to the end of the Point, which is an extension of land that forms Tawas Bay. I was trying to get the eclipsing sun right above the big flapping flag you see, but I'm just getting too old and out of shape for this kind of thing. I actually think the shot turned out just as good despite. Maybe better. The bird in the foreground was an added treat. I might have cropped a little of the water from the bottom, but I think the sun's reflectance is also kind of pretty.

Date Added
March 1, 2013
Date Taken
March 1, 2013

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