Gabbro Falls

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Gabbro Falls is relatively easy to find but there is some confusing information out there. The waterfall is also known as Baker's Falls, and it is often mistakenly called Garbo Falls (gabbro is a type of rock). There is also a Neepikon Falls upstream, but it is just an unremarkable rapid. To reach the waterfall head north on Blackjack Rd from US 2 in Ramsay. Head north for about 2 miles. Blackjack Rd takes a sharp left and goes over a wooden covered bridge. From this point on the road is gravel. Continue to the left (you are still on Blackjack Rd) and head up the hill. You will be heading roughly south at this point. At the top of the hill there will be some old, run down looking buildings on the right. Turn around, and park opposite the buildings. There are some obvious trails. To reach the top of the falls, head to the right. To reach the base, head straight.


Shot with a nikon D800 and Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 zoom set to 24mm. I used a Tiffen 7X ND filter at .1 to 1.0 sec f8.0 ISO 100. I used a Flashpoint 1128 tripod and F1 ball head. To prevent shake I used a Phottix wireless remote release. This image is a five-shot HDR processed in NIK EFX HDR 2.


Taken September 4, 2013. This image is a five-shot HDR processed in NIK EFX HDR 2. This was a side shot from the top of the falls. The rock outcropping is about eight feet from the cascade itself. This was shot at 24mm with a 7X ND filter. I took precautions to keep the falls spray from hitting the front of the filter. It was a bit of a challenge to locate since this falls is not in a park. As a result I had the view to myself. It is located about 200 feet off a dirt road next to a ski resort. To get to the top I followed a gas pipeline right of way and walked into the woods about 75 feet. Suddenly there was the top of the falls. There is quite a gorge at the bottom of the cascade which is clearly visible in this photo. The flow and volume of water is impressive. The falls drops about 40 feet from top to bottom.

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September 27, 2013
Date Taken
September 27, 2013

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