Bastion Falls From Above

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Catskill Mountains
Brief Directions

Located on Spruce creek in the eastern Catskill Mountains right along the roadside of NY route 23A, between Palenveille and Haines Falls. The falls are located adjacent to a hairpin turn in the road. There is a small parking area just up the road to the northwest of the falls.


½ sec. @ f9, ISO 100, 24mm. Shot on an overcast day in October of 2012. I prefer overcast days for waterfalls, the reduced contrast from a more diffuse light source allows for a more even exposure that retains some detail in the shadows while reducing the risk of overexposing the white water of the falls. The lower light levels of overcast days also enables you to set a shutter speed that is long enough to show the motion of the water without the need to employ the use of a neutral density filter or the need to stop the lens down so far that you start to have issues with diffraction, which will negatively affect image quality. I used a circular polarizer to reduce glare from the water and wet rocks while also adding more saturation to the surrounding foliage. The lack of need to add on a neutral density filter was a great benefit in this situation. If I had to stack on another filter I would not have been able to shoot at 24mm because the edges of the filter would have been visible in the frame. I do have a combination polarizer/neutral density filter but the edges of it are also visible in the frame until I get out to about 27 or 28mm. For this shot being able to shoot at 24mm was essential for proper framing of the subject due to the tight quarters I was operating in. I was positioned on a ledge of the bridge over the creek with my back was pressed up against the guardrail of the hairpin curve in the road, which carries some heavy truck traffic during the week. The turn is so tight that cars cannot pass while trucks are in the turn. It was quite entertaining watching some the follies that ensued when tourists were trying to get a glimpse the falls from their cars while truckers were trying to navigate the extremely tight turn at the same time.

Date Added
September 29, 2013
Date Taken
September 29, 2013