Glory Hole

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Nearest Area
Ozark National Forest
Brief Directions

In order to get to this neat little spot, take Hwy 16/21 east out of Fallsville for 5.7 miles. You will pass a red barn on the left that has a large white "E" on the side of it. Go 1/2 mile past the barn and just past a dirt road that leaves the highway to the left, pull over and park across the road from the house that is up on the hill on the left. The route to the Glory begins as a jeep road that heads downhill into the woods and to the left. About a 1/3 of a mile down the road, the road forks so, stay to the right and it will eventually cross the creek that makes the Glory Hole. Stay on the road as it heads downstream and as the roadbed gets full of pine saplings and starts downhill the trail will abruptly end and you know you are close. From this point head downhill to the left, through a small bluff area, and you will enter a wet glade area. Be very careful because the "Hole" is off to the left.


An amazing hidden spot in the Ozarks, in which water has cut through a rock overhang, and a small stream when fed by the spring rains create this beautiful scene.

Date Added
October 9, 2013
Date Taken
October 9, 2013

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