Painted Desert

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I had an idea of where I was going but then again, I didn't. I knew what I wanted to see but never found it. I had traveled early and far and when I got out to shoot, it was very very cold and windy. I felt a bit lost, geographically and emotionally. My GPS kept wanting to send me down unmarked dirt roads and I felt myself fighting it. The proverbial angel and devil perched on my shoulders and we three constantly converse on these isolated trips. Go home? Blame the wind? Rationalize that my creative self had long left the conversation. This same thought or quote of something I once heard always ends this dilemma. What if? What if the next the shot you "would have taken"... would have been your best ever. What if the next thing you saw completely dropped you to your knees? Instead, you walked away. What if? That thought has turned me around, woke me up, warmed my feet and hands, dried my eyes, kept me company, kept me exploring and kept me on track so many times. So down the dirt road I went. When I stopped and got out, I literally laughed out loud, wanted to drop to my knees. I stood there completely blown away, completely amazed. This is what I found. There was not a soul here on this windy morning. The warm hand of a loving mother earth reaches out and touches me. "oh impatient one" What if?

Date Added
October 24, 2013
Date Taken
October 24, 2013
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