Nearest Area
C&O Canal National Historical Park
Bethesda, Maryland

Taken within 10 miles of home: This picture was taken at Mather's Gorge on the Potomac River as part of an OP Fall Colors assignment. It was taken at sunrise, this Fall, from the Maryland side of the river looking over to the Virginia side of the river. I scrabbled up the rocks early that morning to get to a spot I picked out days before. I had just enough time to set up my tripod and hook the cable release up. I was able to get several shots off before the fog dissipated, the light went and I had to go to work. This area is a place I use to practice photography, hike, fish, climb, canoe and rock scramble . It can make for some dramatic pictures. Living in a city ties my landscape photography hands so I'm always thankful to have some place to practice. The entire river flows through this narrow gorge. The water is over a hundred feet deep in parts and fast. I would say this area has some of the most dangerous rock scrambling I've seen. The drop offs aren't big, there just enough to kill you. Setting up a tripod and taking shots can be precarious. I've climbed around here since I was a kid so I know the safest ways to traverse it. I also know the most dangerous ways too.

Date Added
November 30, 2013
Date Taken
November 30, 2013