Vanishing Point

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 60D
Nearest Area
Monitor Pass
Markleeville CA

Vanishing Point: The road just goes on, on this cold dreary day Then clouds assemble as you make your way The colors are brown and grey and black You begin to wonder if you should turn back The long straight road has no curve and no joint It just stretches ahead to its vanishing point If only a stream, a farm or a bridge But there’s nothing ahead, just that ominous ridge You summon your courage, your strength and your will You’re determined to see what’s over that hill Is it adventure or does it spell doom The latter it seems by the mountains that loom The skeletal trees all gathered in a row Seem to form a gauntlet through which you must go They stand like sentries and make not a sound Will they block access to the way you are bound A moaning sound is made by the howling breeze Oh, don’t be silly they’re just a bunch of old trees So, off you go down that road long and straight You pick up your speed, you’ve decided your fate The lines on the road whiz by with great speed You’re fast on your way, you’re doing this deed And surely good fortune on you will anoint The rewards just beyond that vanishing point.

Date Added
January 29, 2014
Date Taken
January 29, 2014