Lake Jocassee From Jumping Off Rock Overlook Upcountry South Carolina

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Jocassee Gorges Jim Timmerman Natural Resources Area
Rocky Bottom

I've always considered myself a rooted person; someone who would likely live in one place for a long time. However, life has pretty much smiled at that thought ;-) I've spent the last thirteen years bouncing from one place to another, renting places built for income-generation, sleeping on an air mattress, staying around for as long as the contract lasts to build something and/or for as long as it takes to complete an academic program. Without getting too long winded, when you know that you're only living in a place for a defined period of time, your perspective tends to change quite a bit. Each time you set out to see something, like Jumping Off Rock pictured above, you soak it in a bit deeper; you pay a bit closer attention; you look a bit deeper. In essence, everything matters just a touch more, at least in theory, because you may never return. And if you do, it will be on a short vacation or weekend trip that is rushed by the clock and purpose-driven. These are the thoughts I think when I'm bouncing up Horsepasture Road--and plenty of time you do have to think as the nine miles of winding mountain gravel & rip-rap takes the better part of an hour. Lake Jocassee can be seen here from a high overlook known as Jumping Off Rock, accessible by a rough fire road and now open year around. The Jocassee Gorges area itself is wild and undeveloped, full of waterfalls and beautiful streams, and capped with beautiful views such as this one. I'm on the clock as I write this, t-minus a year or maybe two at my current location before it is back to the moving game. I've got a list of places and sights that I want to really experience here in Upstate South Carolina however. All that is left is for me to make it happen ;-)

Date Added
February 6, 2014
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February 6, 2014