Unkar Delta

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Nearest Area
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Village

A view of the Unkar Delta from along the Escalante Route, Grand Canyon National Park. The Unkar Delta is one of the most (if not the most) archaeologically rich areas in the entire park. It is speculated that the residents of the delta spent the cooler months here, and migrated to higher elevations during the blisteringly hot summer months. The Unkar Cliffs are seen on the far right, towering several hundred feet over the Colorado River below. Several rafts are evident in the lower right sections of the river. This picture was taken on day 3 of a 5 night, 6 day backpacking trip through the park. We entered the canyon along the New Hance Trail, and then proceeded along the Escalante Route until Tanner Beach. The Escalante Route is one of the most stunning trails I've ever hiked (and is rated as a 'top' trail in the nation by Backpacked Magazine). The trail isn't for the faint of heart - often times you're faced with precipitous falls to one side and sharply rising hills to the other. The trail seems to disappear at times in several slot canyons, and several minor climbs are required (the climbs seem to be exaggerated by some sources - we had no difficulty what-so-ever). Pictures like these make hauling 10 lbs of camera gear into the canyon worth it.

Date Added
February 20, 2014
Date Taken
February 20, 2014

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