Cold Pale Light In Your Eyes

Nearest Area
Hidden Beach
Incline Village
Brief Directions

Hidden Beach located on the North Eastern Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe. Parking is restricted and very limited. You either have to be dropped off at the road and walk down or park a good distance away and walk in. From Incline Village head south on Hwy 28. Just beyond the last lake front house there is parking allowed for around 5 cars. That's it! There are a series of trails there that will take you down to various beautiful boulder lined coves. To get to the beach veer left on the trail and walk just under a half mile.


I love to shoot Long Exposures here. The clarity of the water allows the granite rocks to show through and contrast against the color of the lake in an extraordinary way.


Anywhere in Lake Tahoe is my favorite place to be but Hidden Beach is really special. They say this beach is hidden in plain sight. It's right next to Hwy 28 but can't be seen until you walk down the path. Although it's a short hike down from the highway parking is restricted and limits visitors. For this reason not many people choose to park and walk in, although you will see some boaters and kayakers; even fewer in Autumn which is why that's my favorite time of year here. The beach is a long expanse of beautiful sand dotted with granite rocks and boulders that add beautiful texture and focal points. The varying depth of water highlights the beautiful shades of blue that are unique to Tahoe beginning with turquoise in the shallows and transitioning to cobalt further out. Walk west to visit the multiple small boulder lined coves for some exquisite sunset gazing. Anywhere along the shore is a peaceful, soul cleansing experience for me.

Date Added
July 27, 2014
Date Taken
July 27, 2014