Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Nearest Area
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Village

By the time I reached Yosemite I was exhausted. My trip to California had been non-stop rain and I was about 5 days in. I was tired and uninspired. New to the park, I was lost the minute I arrived and I just drove around aimlessly. I ended up here (photo) and couldn't believe what I was seeing, yet not a soul around. I got out my gear and stood in the rain and wind and finally had to take my jacket off to protect the camera. I was soaking wet and I'd take a shot then check my lens to see if it had been hit by the rain. Rain was hitting the lens faster than I could wipe it off. Nothing felt right, the elements were so distracting that I couldn't seem to concentrate on the image. At one point the frustration led to a teary moment where the ego says sheepishly "you're not enough". I mean, I didn't even know what other photographers used to protect their lenses and gear in a rain like this. I was standing there with a jacket draped over mine and I looked like a drowned rat. I protected my camera and then I hung my head and looked at my feet. What am I doing here? I should be able to clearly separate the elements from my ability to know what's needed and arrive at a proper image yet clearly I was struggling. So palpable those moments are when your character is being defined and refined. I took a deep breath, lifted my head and looked around me. Whispered to myself…this scene, this incredible moment is happening right now and you are here.There is a reason for that. Rise to occasion, perhaps not perfectly but the best way YOU can. And so I did. This became my first published image by a major photography magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine . More importantly, a conscious identification and separation from the ego, that voice that says "you're not enough". When I hear it now, I send it away because clearly it doesn't seem to deal with facts ;-)

Date Added
October 2, 2014
Date Taken
October 2, 2014
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