Diamond In The Sky

Equipment Info
Panasonic DMC-GF1

A couple days ago, I hiked up Mount Takao in Japan. I wanted to watch the sunset and take some photos. However, that day I was running late, my train was delayed by two hours and by the time I made it to the base of the mountain the sun was beginning to set. Knowing I might not make it to the top in time, I tightened the straps on my bag and rushed to the summit unaware of the visual treat that awaited me. I made it to the summit just in time to watch the sun set directly behind Mount Fuji. When this happens, you can get a photo of Diamond Fuji. Diamond Fuji is where the sun sets directly behind Fuji and creates a shimmering diamond look on the summit of Mount Fuji. I was able to get my shot of Diamond Fuji but because I arrived late, I was not able to get an overall shot of the people enjoying the view. Not getting an overall “people” shot really bothered me so two days later I was back at the base of the mountain. However, unlike last time, this time I knew there was going to be a Diamond Fuji waiting for me at the top. For this trip, I packed two cameras, one with a telephoto Lens to capture the Diamond Fuji and another with a 28mm lens to capture the overall shot of the people enjoying the view. It was a nice hike up the mountain and I stopped occasionally to take photos and to enjoy the nature that surrounded me. A little over an hour and a half of hiking I made my way to the top once again. With an hour to spare before sunset, I decided to head over to the observation area. As I made my way over, I could not help but notice a sea of never ending people. Just two days ago, there were only a handful of people but today there were hundreds. Knowing I would not be able to move around and work the area as I wanted, I quickly found a spot in the back and set up my gear. As the minutes passed and the sun got closer and closer to connecting with Fuji, more and more people began to flood the viewing area. Elbow to elbow we were packed in tighter than a Japanese train car, all of us sharing the same goal of witnessing the magnificent spectacle known as Diamond Fuji. Normally I cannot stand to be near so many people but this time it did not bother me, I was just enjoying the experience. Moments before the sun reached Fuji a silence fell over the crowd. There in that moment we watched as the sun kissed Fuji. CLICK! The silence was broken as every cameraman on the mountain began taking their photos of Diamond Fuji. The sounds of the “Oohs” and the “Aahs” drowned out camera shutters as the last bits of the sun passed through Mount Fuji. When the sun finally hid behind the mountain, the crowd clapped and cheered as if they just witnessed the best show of their life, then they turned around and quietly left. I stayed behind for a bit taking photos and just enjoying the view. Soon the golden glow in the sky turned twilight blue then to black and then it was time for me to leave. I made my long way down the mountain in the dark stopping every once in awhile to take photos of the now peaceful mountain and the glowing Tokyo cityscape that loomed off in the distance. I took many photos that night but I think this one defines the experience that is Diamond Fuji.

Date Added
December 23, 2014
Date Taken
December 23, 2014