Turquoise And Turbulence

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Nearest Area
Mt. Sneffels Range

Probably the most pre-planned hike I've ever undertaken. I'd started to plan for this hike a year in advance. I'd fallen in love with the images I'd seen from The Blue Lakes Trail in Colorado. These turquoise lakes nestled in dramatic glacial cirques, I had to see for myself. I'd decided I wanted to photograph this area when the summer storms would hit the region and planned accordingly. Traveled to Colorado and waited for the storms to move in place and then made my move. Trailhead elevation of over 9000 feet and an elevation gain of over 2000 this hike is rated as strenuous (and that's being kind). The storm let loose and within hours nothing went as planned. Lightening, heavy rain, hail and major wind slowed down the hike considerably. The choice I had was to turn around or "hope" that as I got to the lake the storm would let up and I could photograph. I hit the lake at around 4PM. I was hours behind schedule and I had literally 30 minutes to shoot before I had to head down and beat a dark slippery steep decent. I'd seen hundreds of images of this place. I felt this desire to drastically simplify the composition as the landscape is as complicated as it is striking. I had in my head the composition I wanted and the clouds had to be just perfect. What I got was about 20 minutes of a reprieve from mother nature and as exhausted as I was I scrambled to shoot until the rain started up again. The least amount of images I've ever taken for such a long-planned and long distance event. In the end, I felt extremely lucky that I had those few moments as the rain began to pour again as I packed up my camera. The composition that I wanted was right in front of me albeit for just a few minutes. One of the most memorable and beautiful hikes, ever.

Date Added
March 13, 2015
Date Taken
March 13, 2015
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