Appalachian Trail Blue Ridge Mountains Forest Light

Nearest Area
Appalachian Trail near Boone, North Carolina
Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Brief Directions

Along the Appalachian Trail north of Roan Mountain and Carver's Gap on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.


Forest Light - Appalachian Trail Blue Ridge Mountains NC A beautiful patch of light breaking through heavy fog in the forest off of the Appalachain Trail between Roan Mountain Tennessee and Spruce Pine North Carolina. I saw this spot of light from a distance while doing some off-trail exploration during my "Spring in the Highlands" workshop last year and just had to reach it to get a shot. The conditions on this morning were less than ideal for outdoor photography with cold temps, high winds, and heavy fog hampering our efforts. With the poor conditions at hand and a few folks thinking about giving up on finding something good to shoot, I spent much of the morning with my group discussing the ability to see good light and find a shot in any given conditions. As we headed up the trail I noticed these small pockets of warm light moving through the forest below us, and after a brief time chasing them discovered this lovely spot where all seemed right in the world. There was no wind, no sound, it was as if we had walked into an oasis of peace and quiet, beautiful nature bathed in this wonderful warm light. While not every day offers epic sunrises and sunsets over distant mountain ranges, there is always beauty to be found around us if we look for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Date Added
March 13, 2015
Date Taken
March 13, 2015
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