Rainbow Over Deep Canyon

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Nearest Area
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
Palm Desert

I made this image in what has become one of my favorite locations for photography. Although there may not be any iconic scenes here, there are a lot of images yet to be made here, and its very close to home too. In fact, I'm really blessed to travel through this national monument on a daily basis getting to and from work, which gives me lots of opportunities for photographing sunrises, blooming cacti in the spring, interesting rock formations, unique looking dead pinyon pines-the list goes on. Add to this the dramatic light and weather conditions, and the possibilities are almost endless! I actually began shooting here a few years ago, and only recently did I realize what a treasure this area really is. The Monument consists of very rugged terrain with only one paved road traversing it. I've begun exploring some of the dirt trails (4-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle required) which has been very enjoyable. Now, for the story behind the photograph. I had gotten off work early, and decided that the weather looked like it might be overcast-my favorite condition for shooting blooming cacti. So I headed up the road to the Tewenet Overlook pullout, grabbed my gear and hiked down to a small canyon that I had been wanting to check out. I got a few shots of wildflowers and began heading back toward my vehicle. It was then that I noticed a rainbow trying to form across the canyon. I waited about 20 minutes and it finally faded away completely. At this point I again headed toward the parking lot. I happened to glance back over my shoulder and there it was in all its glory-a full rainbow over Deep Canyon. I rushed back to an area with some foreground in it set up and began shooting. Even though the image looks so serene (and sunny too), it was raining and the wind was probably hitting 60-70 mph. Keeping the camera still and dry wasn't easy. One particularly hard gust of wind knocked me off balance. I was standing on the edge of the canyon at this point, so I backed up about five feet, and found this composition. Being soaked and tired, and a little unnerved from almost tumbling into the canyon, I decided I had the shot. Once I got home and took the image into Lightroom, I found that I DID get the shot.

Date Added
June 25, 2015
Date Taken
June 25, 2015