Fishermen On Lake Atitlan

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Canon Canon EOS REBEL T2i
San Juan la Laguna
Brief Directions

Panajachel is the biggest, most popular town on the lake but the sun rises almost directly behind it - in fact it is directly below the sun on the far shore in this picture, after coming up from behind the mountains. Most villages opposite Panajachel - San Marcos, San Juan and San Pedro - all get a pretty good view of the sun coming up. From San Juan you can also hike up to a few great spots for photos that get most of the lake in frame, but I chose to stand down on the shore. There are often taxi boats crossing the lake, and they don't particularly like the fishermen so they will sometimes purposefully come too close. Or they purposefully make lots of waves to rock the fishermen. The fishermen usually don't travel in packs, either, so I was pretty lucky to get this particular shot.


A small fishermen's cooperative in the village of San Juan la Laguna works together to try to save the fish and habitat of Lake Atitlan, a lake with rising levels and growing pollution. They don't often travel in packs, but they do work together to transplant the native tule reeds that the local fish love - and they were on their way to do just that on the morning I stood on the shore taking pictures.

Date Added
July 18, 2015
Date Taken
July 18, 2015
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