Super Moon Lunar Eclipse


What makes the story behind this composite of the September 2015 super moon lunar eclipse interesting is the SNAKE! I wanted to photograph the eclipse as it rose over Daisy Mountain in Anthem, AZ, for a local photo contest. My wife and I had previously scouted a location in the desert that would provide a good perspective. We arrived early so we could set up our lawn chairs and I could take a few test shots to make certain that I had the composition that I wanted. The moon rose over Daisy Mountain at about 6:50 p.m., already well into the eclipse. I began taking a series of exposures at different shutter speeds and ISOs every 10 minutes. All was smooth sailing until I got out of my chair for the 9:20 exposures. That’s when I heard the rattle. I yelled “Don’t move!!” to my wife and turned on my headlamp to locate the snake. It was curled up in the 12 inches right between our two chairs, rattling away. After taking the 9:20 exposures, I had my wife very slowly pull her legs up into her chair, found some rocks, and threw them at the Diamondback in an effort to move it away. This only made it madder and by which time it was time for the next series of exposures. That task completed, I found some larger rocks, and eventually convinced the snake to move far enough away that I could pack up our gear while my wife kept a light focused on the critter. Fortunately, no one was hurt and our guest dropped by at the end rather than the beginning of the series of exposures. I don’t think I could have convinced my wife to stick around if it had shown up at 7:20 rather than 9:20!!

Date Added
December 29, 2015
Date Taken
December 29, 2015