After The Storm

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 6D
Nearest Area
Humphreys Basin
Bishop, CA
Brief Directions

Humphreys Basin, Summer 2015


Photo from this past summer on a backpacking trip to Humphreys Basin. Being an alpine basin that is over 11,000 feet, there is very little in the way of large trees, or even bushes. It's all pretty wide open and exposed to the sky. Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting place to be in a thunderstorm! I found a great campsite right next to the lake seen in the photo. I had wished I brought my tripod in the evening as the sky had cleared by then and the most gorgeous and vivid Milky Way I had ever seen with the naked eye was arched across the sky, directly above my tent. I guess the thin, cold air helped the stars stand out. I tried a climb of Mt Humphreys (the peak in the photo) the next day, but only got within a few hundred feet of the top. A freak summer snowstorm a week earlier still had the regular route covered in snow and ice, making it a bit too dangerous for this solo climber without the proper gear (or maybe even with it!). I still felt privileged and fortunate to stand as high on the mountain as I did in such an amazing place. I hiked back to my camp along the creek between one of the higher unnamed lakes in Humphreys Basin and Marmot Lake. What a beautiful, magical stretch of land this was, with the rocky creek, small waterfalls, little green meadows and wildflowers. This was a really nice trip.

Date Added
April 5, 2016
Date Taken
April 5, 2016