Wildhorse Cave Milky Way

Nearest Area
Goblin Valley

This cave (called Wildhorse) is HUGE, for scale I'm sitting on the log, it's kind of a mind-bender to look at, but the hole at the top is actually in the roof of the cave (so straight above the camera). Before I took these shots I took some others about a quarter mile down from the cave, as I was taking them it got cloudy and I wasn't sure I wanted to hike up to it because it's a bit of a bitch to get up to. But I said screw it, took the risk, and packed all my crap up there. As I was setting up, probably 30 minutes later, the clouds cleared. Luckily the cave faces Southeast so you can see the Milky Way perfectly. Behind me on the wall are hieroglyphics and in the top right of the picture is another hole that's slowly forming in the roof. A really really cool experience hiking up there at night and putting all this together. Another reason I got lucky is that the cave blocks the northern star so I had to wing my polar alignment for my iOptron Skytracker, I used just a compass and had practiced blind alignment earlier in the night. The foreground shots are 1 minute exposures, f4, ISO 400. The sky shots are 1 minute exposures, f4, ISO 1600 with the Skytracker turned on. Cave shots stitched with PTGui and everything edited in Photoshop/Lightroom.

Date Added
April 6, 2016
Date Taken
April 6, 2016