Last Light Of The Day

Brief Directions

I opened up the shutter for 10 seconds to get the magical flowing waterfalls at the lowest aperture. The ND filter not only helped with the long exposure blurry effect, but also added some great contrast to the beautiful colors coming out from the rocks and the surrounding trees. The last light of the day highlights the smooth flowing water at the crest of the falls from the Sun setting in the west. I added a little contrast and saturation to bring out the sunlight and rocks texture in post processing.


Great Falls National Park is beautiful at any time of year, but if I had to choose one time to visit, it would be spring. The weather is usually lovely. It is a natural jewel situated just 14 miles northwest of our nation’s capitol. Even before you exit your vehicle in the parking area, you’re greeted by the sound of thundering waters of the Potomac river in it's full flow. You’ll feel the power of it before you can see it. Little jewels of light and motion amid the jagged beauty of the rocks surrounds you. It is often very crowded throughout the day. I made the trip to the falls in the evening, as it is generally quieter with less crowd and a nice light. I wedged my tripod onto the railing in order to get a better perspective, looking straight down the falls from the overlook 3. The overcast evening provided a beautiful light on the falls.

Date Added
April 18, 2016
Date Taken
April 18, 2016