Grass Pink Orchid

Equipment Info
Nikon Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED
Nearest Area
Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Eminence, MO
Brief Directions

Three hours southwest of St. Louis, MO; two hours east of Springfield, MO; On Highway 19 44 miles south of Salem, MO.


Shannon County is one of the most beautiful areas of the Missouri Ozarks. Eminence is the county seat and the focal point of the area. The county lies in the Big Springs county of Missouri. In this region of over 5,000 square miles are 11 of the 69 U.S. springs of the first magnitude (64,600,000 gals. daily minimum flow). Three of these, Alley, Blue, and Welch, are in the county. Of 23 ebb-and-flow springs in the U.S., five are in Missouri and three in Shannon County.The moisture from the springs and rivers greatly contributes to the area’s very diverse flora. I once read that this area of the Ozark Mountains is second only to the Smokey Mountain for diverse flora. From March to first frost there are an amazing number of flowers in great abundance. Combine those with the springs, tall limestone bluffs, and herds of wild horses and you have a nature photographer’s dream destination. And if you listen quietly you will discover that each spring has a unique sound ranging from a loud roar to a soft splashing.

Date Added
February 6, 2010
Date Taken
February 6, 2010

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