By Bob Simari / Baldwin, New York

Padre Bay Fro Alstrom Point – Lake Powell

Nearest Area
State Road 89
Brief Directions

Not an easy trek, and absolutely requires a high clearance, 4 wheel drive vehicle since the last few miles require negotiating steep, rutted slickrock. The trip will take about two hours from Page. Take US89 toward Kanaab, Utah and about 14.5 miles from the dam turn right at Big Water and then right again onto BLM Road 300. Twelve miles to BLM 330...then it gets complicated. Best to log onto for further details. Have fun and take copious notes on the way in because retracing your steps in the dark is no easy task.


Don't even think about getting to Alstrom Point without a jeep or high clearance 4wd suv; you may make it to within a couple of miles, but then, you'll either have to hike or likely ruin the underside of your vehicle. Arrive mid afternoon in the off season and you'll likely have the spot to yourself. If you fear high cliffs with severe dropoffs, this is not the spot for you since you really need to get close to the edge for best perspectives. The day was cloudy with no sun; however, an hour or so before sunset, the dark clouds opened a window near the horizon bathing the rocks in an orange glow. As the sun got lower the light became unreal-this often happens in the southwest as the red dust interacts with the long rays of the setting sun. Spectacular rocks, blue lake, orange sunset....what more could a photographer ask for?

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009

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