By Bob Simari / Baldwin, New York

Old Paria Movie Set

Nearest Area
US 89
Kanaab, Utah
Brief Directions

US 89 out of Kanaab, Utah toward Page, Arizona. Approximately 10 miles out of Kanaab, look for the historical marker on the north (left) side of the road. Take BLM 585, a dirt road, north for 5 miles to the very colorful badlands which once served as a movie set. Caution: this road is fine for all vehicles except during or after heavy rain, when it should be avoided.


The badlands, which served as the backdrop for the Old Paria movie set are made of Chinle sandstone and are as colorful and dramatic as any to be found in the country. The original movie set was destroyed by a flash flood in 1999 and replaced shortly thereafter with a couple of western style buildings (which will take some time to weather). However, the photographic attraction of this area is the amazingly colorful badlands which take on a beautiful southwestern glow an hour or so before sunset. My favorite vistas are located by walking along the (hopefully) dry creekbed to the left side of the buildings. The majority of people don't venture beyond the movie set area and you will have this area pretty much to yourself. Nikon F100/17-35 F 2.8 lens set to appx. 35mm/late day light/Fuji Velvia 50.

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009