By Armando Mendoza

Lake Michigan In Wisconsin

Nearest Area
3 mile road as well all the roads around lake shore drive
City Racine and City of kenosha
Brief Directions

Three Piers at Wind Point, Racine Located on Lighthouse Drive, between Three Mile Rd. and Four Mile Rd. Racine as well all the shoreline of the Lake Michigan to find more about my photographic work visit


the Spectacular views of the lake Michigan at night I love photograph nature during the night in Winter season because it bring lots of photo opportunities to capture all the delightful scenery of The Lake Michigan in winter. during the nigh as well day time visually you will wonder about a such a great place to compose images of nature landscape. the feelings, emotions calmness and quiet place to meditate also to enjoy the tranquility and the scenic beauty of the lake strolling along the shoreline to appreciated the nature sights , smells and the peaceful & relaxing sounds ,the lights and the shadows, textures patterns and lines of the frozen and snowed rocks along the shoreline come to show the surreal ice formations and the great winter landscape of the lake with its full splendor of own nature beauty Day or night ,season to season and shore to shore Enjoy the beauty of the Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009

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