By Jon W. Snyder

Starved Rock State Park

Nearest Area
Illinois routes 178 and 71
Utica Illinois
Brief Directions

The park is located south of the Illinois River one mile south of Utica and west of Ottawa.


Experiance the fun of Nature photography at Starved Rock State park. The backdrop for your shooting adventures are 18 canyons formed by glacial melt and stream errosion. They slice dramatically through the tree covered sandstone bluffs for four miles through the park. Starved Rock is steeped in Native American and early explorer history but is best known for its facinating rock formations, primarily Saint Peters sandstone, laid down in a huge shallow sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface. During early spring, when the end of the winter thaw is occuring and rains are frequent, sparkling waterfalls are found at the head of all the canyons, and vertical walls of moss-covered stone create a setting of natural geologic beauty uncommon in Illinois. Winter brings outstanding ice formations that adorn the canyon walls. fall color is breath taking with wonderful changing light dancing through the canyons. This park is a true gem considering that it is found in the flat land of northern Illinois. Come for the experiance. ( to the editors, both spring and winter are equally best so take your pick, there are two images from each season).

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009

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