By Sean C. Underhill

Moulton Barn

Nearest Area
Highway 191
Brief Directions

Go north on the highway out of Jackson roughly 15 miles or more. You'll be headed in the direction of the airport and toward the small town of Moose, Wyoming. As you're driving north, Blacktail Butte will come up on your right (to the east of the highway). The Tetons will be on your left (to the west of the highway). Just as you pass the north end of Blacktail Butte, you'll see a sign on your right to "Antelope Flats." Take that right turn and travel on the Antelope Flats road 2.5 miles until you come to a cross roads. You'll be headed roughly east toward the little town of Kelly, Wyoming (You've gone too far if you get to Kelly, btw). Look for an old abandoned pinkish house on the left down the gravel crossroad. The gravel road that crosses the paved antelope flats road is Mormon Row. Turn right onto that gravel road (in the opposite direction of the pink house). You should almost immediately see the TA Moulton barn come up on your right.


Get there before sunrise to capture the morning light as it floods the Tetons as these mountains are best photographed from the East looking West. I used a graduated filter and tripod but no other special gear, other than my truck to keep the approaching Bison from running into me. Please be respectful of them, they have big horns and have been known to stick them in people that are dumb enough to get to close. The mornings are always cold so bring a jacket. It was 37 degrees the morning I took this in mid-July. You park right next to where you will be shooting so weight is not an issue.

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009

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