By Thomas Kelsey ,

First Snow, Eastern Sierra

Nearest Area
Highway 168
Bishop, Ca.
Brief Directions

Take Highway 395 to bishop, take Hwy 168 towards Sabrina Lake follow road to intake II reservoir.


The Eastern Sierra has long been a favorite spot of mine and the fall color can be spectacular if you can time it right. Above the Bishop Creek drainage is a series of small reservoirs and lakes. Rising sharply from the valley floor, the elevation is above 8,000 ft. at Intake II, which boasts a small campground of 12 sites. I have been fishing and photographing this spot for 25 years and last Saturday was the best ever. The wind picked up to gale force strength the night before, the temperature dropped, clouds moved in and the first snow of 2008 hit the Eastern Sierra. The next morning I was sure that the leaves would have been blown off the trees from the intense wind but the Aspens held their own. I framed the scene with Aspen leaves in the foreground and the first snow of 2008 on the Sierra mantle in the background. The scarred Aspen trees add to the scene. The weather changes fast in the High Sierra so warm boots and a layered top helped keep me warm. After setting up my tripod, I recorded the scene on October 11th with a graduated neutral-density filter and polarizer.

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
March 16, 2009

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