Stornetta Lunar Fogbow

Nearest Area
Mendocino Coast
Point Arena
Brief Directions

The Stornetta public lands extend between the town of Point Arena and the Point Arena Lighthouse. The trail can be reached either from Lighthouse road, right where it meets the ocean, or from the Point Arena City Hall. My favorite choice is to set up a car bridge and hike between the two!


I was hiking from the town of Point Arena to the rocky coast with plans of shooting the crumbling rocks and sea stacks by moonlight. Even though the forecast called for clear skies, a bank of fog was blowing through the area while I was hiking. At one point I turned off my light and looked around - mostly because I wanted to see if the sky was going to be clear enough for the shot I had envisioned. However, when I looked inland I saw this lunar rainbow hanging in the fog! I quickly set up my tripod and snapped a couple of images before it disappeared.Yet another good lesson to look around every once in a while rather than just focusing on your objective!

Date Added
October 27, 2016