Dolomites in Purple

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Passo Fedaia
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Malga Ciapela


The Dolomites Natural Park is one of the most breathtaking place in the world, a paradise for the landscape and outdoor photographers. I live near Venice (Italy), and Dolomites are my favorite location where to experience the wild nature.
I took this sunrise shot from the highest panoramic platform on the Marmolada mountain (3265 mt.), one of the most iconic peaks of the Dolomites. The weather was perfect, clean air but very windy, and the big problem was prevent any camera shaking by the wind. The shot is pretty basic, but when you have in front of you this types of scenarios, composition is the key; isn't so obvious and easy to arrange all those peaks in a harmonious way.
This is a single exposure which I RAW-precessed with Iridient Developer, a crazy tool for the X-Trans sensors cameras; a ton of details and the pictures come out very crispy and punchy. The rest of the editing is done within Photoshop CC using some luminosity adjustments, Color Efex Pro 4 for a contrast boost with the ProContrast preset, and a final color touch with Alien Skin Exposure X2 (I love it!).

Date Added
February 2, 2017