Lake Blanche Rising

Equipment Info
9891784/1000000 sec. / ISO 200
Nearest Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Salt Lake City
Nestled in the Big Cottonwood Canyon area in northern Utah, Lake Blanche is one of the most scenic of the lakes dotting this area. Yesterday, on my second attempt and after nearly three hours of strenuous hiking, I finally reached the summit, my first attempt two weeks ago ending in failure when I simply ran out of gas. From the trail head to the summit you gain 2,740 ft with the summit peaking at 8,890 ft. From the moment you start this trail (rated difficult for damn good reason) you are at war with one of the most rocky trails I've ever encountered. On the other hand the views going up are superb with the aspens quaking in the wind and the sound of the powerful stream as company during most of your hike. This time I ate properly and replenished myself as I hiked, careful to stop when I got winded (often). Nothing like watching young bodies blow past you as you struggle and meet you on their way back down as you continue up. Ah youth! But I did make it. And when I came around the bend and saw what I saw, I knew it was worth the blood, sweat and tears. For rising in the distance was something timeless, something beautiful, something majestic. A lone peak surrounded by trees and a water jewel at its feet. Lake Blanche rising. "We are in the mountains and the mountains are in us." John Muir
Date Added
August 26, 2017