Bobcat (New Jersey

Nearest Area
Delaware Water Gap New Jersey
Brief Directions
Off rt 80 west. Last exit in NJ before you enter Pa.
Waited for two months. In late winter I saw her foot print tracks in the snow. Photographing the prints I went home and looked on my computer for NJ wildlife tracks. Then I realized, Bobcat . Searched on the Internet to find the nature of this Endangered Species. About 15 to 20 miles territory, active very early morning. I thougot about, what are my chances of seeing her, and seeing she was endangered, should I even wait to see ? Looking around to where the tracks were, it gave an idea, the area where I photographed the Bobcat was an ideal hiding location to where she would never see me. If she walks fast up the trail how will ever get a picture ? Without too much danger to both a loud whistle will do. Spring, Thunder Mountains Delaware Water Gap. 7 am, she was their, I made a loud whistle, as she turned to the sound, 4 photos. She looked for a few seconds, but she saw nothing.
Date Added
August 26, 2017