The Bubbles

Equipment Info
-4906891/1000000 sec. / ISO 6400
Nearest Area
Acadia National Park
Bar Harbor

Hey all! Over the past weekend we ended up camping under the stars in Acadia National Park and roamed around with the camera for a few days! Sunday night was clear and we made our way into Jordan Pond and setup facing the Bubbles under clear skies. The Northern Lights were active just enough to give a little color low on the horizon and the Big Dipper shinned brightly almost directly over the Bubble Mountains. Then I got lucky and caught an Iridium Flare just to the right of the Big Dipper! Sitting there on the rocks enjoying the night sky and counting shooting stars we were getting ready to make the short hike back to the vehicle when we heard feet coming down the trail towards us in the dark! Now you can't see your hand in front of your face at this point and whatever it was, was in a hurry! It stopped about where we had left the trail to come out onto the rocks and all was quiet except my heart pounding. We just sat as quiet as we could listening to see if we could hear any movement at all out of whatever it was. After about 20 minutes (which seemed like forever) we decided to shine some lights on the trail behind us and if we saw nothing we would high tail it back to the vehicle. After a good look around with the flash lights we hurried down the trail around Jordan Pond and back to the vehicle. I don't know what it was but it made for an interesting adventure and a good feeling to be back at the tent site safe and sound! Always an adventure under the big Maine skies!

Date Added
September 2, 2017