Total Solar Eclipse BrooksHatSix Road and Tree

Casper, Wy
Total Eclipse Tree and Road near Casper, Wyoming. This was my 6th Total Solar Eclipse and as an “Eclipse Chaser’, Casper, Wyoming was one of the main places to be. The sun at eclipse time (11:43am) was at 53 degrees in the sky. it was the highest eclipse I’ve photographed which made for some difficulty finding a scene to fit in my vertical composition. In my eclipse images I always try to include a tree from the locale I'm in to be in the scene and on the grasslands of America there are few trees let alone having one where you need one to be, so that was quite a challenge. After searching around for a day and a half I came across this single tree alongside a long curving section of BrooksHatSix road about 20 miles outside Casper, Wyoming. After reviewing some other locations I decided on this tree and road for my eclipse image. On eclipse day with the sun so high I was just able to get the road, tree and the total eclipse in my vertical framing making for this unique image of the ‘Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017'. I Photographed this image using my large Fuji 617 Panorama film camera. Unlike using digital, with this large film format I had only four shots to get the image. Camera: Fuji GX617 Panorama fim camera, 90mm Fujinon lens, Film: Fuji NPH400 Color Negative, Exposure f11 @8-10 sec. Manfrotto tripod. I hope you enjoy it. John Post
Date Added
September 10, 2017